We offer services to raise your vehicle for a higher ride that provides more clearance, or to lower it closer to the ground, for a more streamlined look.  If you'd like one end raised or lowered, or adjusted back to level,
we can handle that, too.

Lifting, Leveling, and
Lowering Kits

Whether your goal is to lift, level, or lower,
you need to choose a kit based on what you’re
hoping to get out of it. If all you’re looking for
is a level stance, then adding a couple of inches
to the front will
most likely get the job done.

While leveling kits are usually much easier to install than lift kits, you should still consider having a professional install the kit for you.

Installing one of these kits may sound simple enough, but, once you start taking things apart, you could easily make an error that could lead to damaging
your vehicle. This could end up costing you
more money to fix.


Closeup example of Lowered vehicle
Pickup modified by Lifting Service
Closeup example of Lowered vehicle

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 to answer questions
help guide you
to getting the results
you want!


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