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Does your heart sink a bit when you hear a new rattle, squeak, clank or buzz coming from your car?
Of course it does. It happens to all of us. We depend on our cars to keep our lives on track. Brake repairs can be expensive and disrupt your everyday life. That’s why our first priority is to keep your car in great shape. And when something does go wrong we’ll get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Don’t stress. Just come see us.  We are experts in Brake Repair, Alignment, Wheel Bearings, Shocks and Suspension.
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Our Services

Complete Brake and Suspension Care

Top Quality Auto Maintenance And Repair By Our Experienced Team

Shocks and Struts

Bumpy ride? Properly functioning shocks and struts help your tires maintain constant contact with the road, providing a smoother, safer ride. 

Wheel Bearings

The most common symptom of a bad wheel bearing is a loud noise coming from the wheel of the vehicle. It can be dangerous if it fails while you're driving.

Brakes and Pads

How much wear do you have left in your brake pads? We’ll let you know. Servicing your brakes is critical to keeping you and your family safe.

Suspension Services

If you have squeaks,
clanks, or rattling,
come see us. It may be
a sign of wear that
needs attention. 


A vehicle with poor alignment may pull or drift on the road, cause added wear to tires, and extra stress to steering and suspension systems.

Lift, Lower and Leveling

We can customize your ride! There's a lot to consider with the look and functionality of making your personality stand out.
We can help you decide.

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Lifting, Leveling, and Lowering Kits

Whether your goal is to lift, level, or lower, you need to choose a kit based on what you’re hoping to get out of it. If all you’re looking for
is a level stance, then adding a couple of inches to the front will
get the job done.

While leveling kits are usually much easier to install than lift kits, you should still consider having a professional install the kit for you.
Installing one of these kits may sound simple enough, but, once you start taking things apart, you could easily make an error that could lead to damaging your vehicle. This could end up costing you
more money to fix.

We are happy to answer questions and help guide you to
getting the results you want!


Pickup modified by Lifting Service
Closeup example of Lowered vehicle
Rick Black, owner and brake repair specialist
Rick Black, Owner/Operator

40+ years of auto experience

Born and raised in Vancouver, Rick has been in the auto,
tires and brake industry for over 40 years.

He learned customer service and tires working at Goodyear for 16 years, then retired from Les Schwab in management after 14 years. It wasn’t too long before he realized how much he liked working on cars; Springs Brake and Suspension was born.

Once we found the right location to serve clients and raise our family, we opened the doors in 2019. Rick is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and friendly.   What  more could you ask for to trust what stops your vehicle?  
We can't wait to serve you soon.

Auto Care Services To Keep You On The Road

Brake Services:

Your brakes never seem like a problem until it’s too late. Over 20% of accidents caused by mechanical failure are due to faulty brakes. That’s second only to tires. And unlike tires, you can’t easily check brake wear on your own.

We’re brake experts. We’ll make sure your pads, shoes, rotors, bearings, calipers and hydraulic system are all in good shape before you find out the hard way.

State of the Art Alignment Services


1. Fuel Efficiency
Misalignment can decrease gas mileage by up to 10%. Instead of rolling freely, misaligned tires drag. That means you could be spending more money on gas.

2. Smoother Ride
When your tires are out of alignment, your vehicle tends to pull to  the left or right, leading to a jarring, bumpy, or even vibration-filled ride.

3. Improved Steering
If your wheels are out of alignment, it's harder to steer. Properwheel alignment means you're able to maintain stable control of your car.

4. Longer Lasting Tires
Misalignment may lead to uneven and premature tire wear. If you wait until it's too late, you could find yourself buying new tires more frequently.


"WinAlign" Alignment Service equipment
exterior of Springs Brake and Suspension Brake Repair shop

Who We Are: The Auto Mechanics You Can Trust in Vancouver


We’re proud to be providing the best auto care to our home community - Vancouver.  We’ve performed hundreds of brake checks and emergency repairs for families just like yours to keep their cars on the road and performing at their best. Our shop is stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic tools, operated by a well-trained team of certified mechanics. We are experienced in comprehensive auto care for both domestic and foreign vehicles of all types.

We treat our customers like we would want to be treated. That means you’ll always receive a thorough, accurate quote and the best pricing possible. Schedule an appointment to see for yourself.

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